Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus Funness

So it looks like Obama was everyone and their mother's Second Choice candidate in Iowa, as he pulled out ahead of Edwards and Clinton. Edwards squeeked out into second place, and Clinton less than a percentage point behind - which, according to Chris Matthews, apparently means that two-thirds of the party is specifically against her, but not against Edwards. And conservatives wonder why we libs bitch about the media - I'm not pulling for Clinton in the primaries, but even that reeks of stupid to me.

Meanwhile, Huckabee is scaring the crap out of the GOP elite as the Proles start standing up and doing what they want instead of being manipulated into doing what the monied interests want...

UPDATE: For a blow-by-blow, Matt of It's Matt's World took the time to liveblog the coverage of the caucuses.

UPDATE, Part Deux: Glock21 has some snarky comments on how Ron Paul fared in Iowa.

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