Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is It Time for a Change?

Via Orac, the website has a graph up charting how often our favorite Time Lord has overthrown the government on the planet of the week, expressed as revolutions/series.

Meanwhile, I really need to get around to watching the 2007 Christmas Special - though I doubt it holds a candle to the Children in Need special preceding it.

(Note: BBC has some good lawyers, so watch it before they get this version taken down, or else you'll have to wait for the Series Three DVD.)


Matthew said...

Time Crash was pretty good, although it had its flaws, definitely.

It was nice to see Peter Davison in his old 5th Doctor costume again.

The Squire said...

Actually, that's supposedly not his - it's the bigger one they had to make for Colin Baker to wake up in, since Peter's grown a bit wider in the past twenty-some years. Hence the jab about being able to close the jacket.

While Russel T. Davies had said there'd be no crossover plots with previous Doctors, which I understand (though I do think we need some Time War flashbacks with Paul McGann), this one worked well enough because it was short, didn't really impinge on the long-term plot, and was really an occasion for David Tennant to tell Peter Davison that Peter was his Doctor.