Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Horse is Out of the Race

John Edwards ended his presidential campaign today - which, while disappointing, is understandable, since the media apparently can handle multiple candidates on the GOP side but covering more than two Democrats is apparently much too taxing on their resources. In 2004, when the Illinois presidential primary didn't matter, I voted for Edwards anyway and proceeded down the ballot. This cycle, with my preferred candidate no longer in the running, I'll have to shift my support to Barack Obama. Clinton was closely aligned with the DLC, who had the horrible idea of moving the Democratic party to the center, which only shifted the Overton window farther to the right. We don't need more of that, and so I'm left supporting her opponent. Hopefully Obama can help repair our government and national discourse, paying attention to those who need help rather than the obscenely wealthy living at the top.

UPDATE: Moon-Grrl also has thoughts on Edwards dropping out.

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