Monday, July 7, 2008

Because I've Neglected This Blog Way Too Much

Here's a map of the states of the Union which I have set foot in.

Get your own Visited US States Map from Travel Blog

Now isn't that spiffy?


Glock21 said...

You need a road trip! Given the current gas prices though I'd strongly suggest not going solo (especially on the gas costs).

Hoping to hit a good chunk of the southwest soon myself. Here's my map so far.

I blogged my last road trip: The Road Trip of the Confederacy

It was a nerdy trip, but I had a blast. At times it felt like I was chasing General Lee's ghost.

The Squire said...

My Great-Great-Grandfather did enough confederate-chasing to tide over my entire family, and he got his ass tossed into Andersonville for his troubles. Got a nice pension, though.

Glock21 said...

The ghosts are far less dangerous to chase.

rknil said...

I've never made it to Louisiana, but I could fill in those gaps in Arkansas, Kentucky, and a lot of that area to the east and northeast.