Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Name It... Lake Campus

The City of Champaign really needs to do a better job of maintaining its storm sewers to keep stuff like this from happening. I thought the entire point of the Healey Street Detention Basin was that there wouldn't be things like a stream with a current running North along Locust Street.


Matthew said...

This was very much old-school Champaign (believe it or not, the Detention Basin has made a huge difference.

What happened last night used to be the norm for Champaign, and typically with much less rain that what we experienced yesterday.

Not sure what happened last night to make things get so out of control, unless it was just too much rain too quickly.

Anyway... good picture!

The Squire said...

This is the second time it's been this bad - the first happened a month ago while I was at work. All that was left by the time I got home was the debris left at the high-water mark.

The sad bit is, about 10 minutes after I took that picture, a second car stalled out in the middle of that intersection.

rknil said...

When that much rain falls in that short of a period of time, I'm not sure how much more can be done.

That being said, the cities have got to realize they have terrible development plans. If they get some green space back in the middle of the concrete, some of this will get absorbed.