Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Using and Abusing Advertising Tropes

Via SusanG at DailyKos comes this video from MoveOn. It's both effective and hilarious.


Matthew said...

The guys in this spot (except the "My sake" dude) are hot.

Otherwise, a pretty decent ad, with the exception of how they say "voting Republican" instead of "voting McCain."

A lot of Republicans say they're going to vote for Obama this year, when they would normally otherwise vote for the Republican. Painting them all with a broad brushstroke of 'Republicans are bad' might put them on the defensive, which is never good when trying to win someone over.

And, to be honest, how often are grizzled, middle-aged adults swayed by a bunch of young peoople talking as if they know what's best for them?


The Squire said...

As best I can tell, the ad isn't aimed at "grizzled, middle-aged adults," but at their kids, in order to get them to talk to their parents.