Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Late Election Roundup

Hi there, paltry readership.

I spent my afternoon and evening as a Poll Watcher at Cunningham 5 at PAR, and then watched the returns come in at Matt's place. And, though it's been said many times already - Yay Obama!

So far, it looks like the Constitutional Convention is losing, as is the School Sales Tax - both "yay"s for me. Sadly, the City of Champaign referendum to fund general assistance did not pass.

I'm gonna vegetate for a bit, then head to bed. I may have something more profound to say later. If not, Yay!


Matthew said...

Glad the Con-Con failed.

Thanks for spending election night with us. It was great to hang out with you again!

The Squire said...

Yeah, and also good that Fabri ending up winning in a squeaker.

Matthew said...

Yes, indeed.