Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exploring Chicago, Part One

The beginning of an on-going series.

Halsted Street in Lincoln Park (specifically, between Fullerton and Armitage) is where you send all your female friends who have too much money to go buy overpriced clothing they can't afford. And there's an occasional bar there, too.

Which came first, Kenmore the avenue or Kenmore the Sears appliance house brand?

There are reasons why the NFT updates annually - stores close. At least I found a cool game shop around the corner from the site of a former bookstore I tried to find.

I now live a few scant blocks from the first apartment my parents had right after they got married. Not coincidentally, my world has now shrunk a bit.

Apparently, when I'm wandering semi-aimlessly I still look enough like a local that people ask me for directions. I follow in my father's footsteps in this - he was able to pull this off in London.

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moon-grrl said...

Kenmore the Avenue. :-)

If you go further north on Halsted, you run into a much more colorful neighborhood.