Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exploring Chicago, Part Two

Part of an ongoing series of observations.

Lincoln Avenue is a looooong diagonal street.

There are also other streets (e.g. Clark) that appear to be mild-mannered North-South streets, but with a diagonal bit in the middle that puts them out of order depending on which part of town you learned the names for.

Learning the Marker Light system for the L is helpful when one is squinting into the distance trying to tell if that's a Red Line train coming, or just another Brown.

Speaking of the L, the heat lamps on the platforms are great, but only do so much to prevent frostbite.

Hardly anybody takes credit/debit cards in this town. Restaurants want cash, cold and hard, unless they're either nice or are places where people drop loads of money all at once.


Anonymous said...

The lamps are good for baking the top of one's head, which works to distract one from frostbitten toes.

The credit/debit thing must be new. I never had any problem using my CC . . . then again, I never really had any money to spend on going out to eat.

The Squire said...

Yeah - I've found that the lamps only work well when I take down my hood, but then there's a cost-benefit analysis that happens for the lamp-shelters that are too wide to keep the wind from coming in.

I've also been finding more that chains will take plastic, but mom and pop's usually will not.