Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Dad Steered Me Away From These

For those who don't know what a Four-Plus-One is, here's an article that describes them and how they fit into Chicago zoning laws. It tries to defend the four-plus-one, mostly from forty-year-old arguments expressed once upon a time by Yuppies in Lincoln Park and Lakeview, and in so doing kinda glosses over how they were generally not built with an eye to quality, and for a long time were not maintained horribly well (until various areas in the Winthrop-Kenmore corridor gentrified). Needless to say, I was not impressed with the four-plus-ones I was shown while I was looking for an apartment.

Kudos to Gaper's Block for the link.


moon-grrl said...

I had friends who lived in one of the four-plus-ones pictured in the article. Let's just say I was glad I didn't live there myself.

The Squire said...

Yeah, while some of them are getting better, I really was not impressed.