Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yeah, This Was a Not-Fun Surprise

CTA U-Pass mistake hits DePaul students

Thousands of DePaul University students were met with a surprise this morning: Their CTA U-Passes were no good.

Mistakenly, about 5,000 of the student transit cards were deactivated, officials said.

Earlier this week, a list of students who hold the passes was sent out to DePaul officials for the information to be updated. The card company responsible for maintaining the passes was inquiring about students who were no longer enrolled at the school, said Noelle Gaffney, spokeswoman for the CTA.

But instead of updating the list, someone at the CTA interpreted the information to be "hot listed" and deactivated all the cards associated with the names on the list, Gaffney said.

...The CTA notified customer assistance workers at all the stations near the DePaul campuses and told them to allow students to board by just showing their pass, Gaffney said.

...the Chi-Town Daily News is also on the story, confirming that my U-Pass won't be turned back on 'til the weekend, at the earliest.


Anonymous said...

So, is the CTA going to reimburse you all for the days the U-Pass is turned off? *wishful thinking*

The Squire said...

No - I just have to show my U-Pass (which has my name, ID photo, and the school logo on it) to the CTA Customer Service Attendant at the station and they'll let me in. The Fullerton stop had the wheelchair-accessible gate unlocked because it was so bad at that station.

Besides, I'd make at most three bucks out of the whole ordeal, which is what, one normal ride plus change?