Friday, October 9, 2009

How Bad is It?

How bad must it be to be the president whose successor is given a Nobel Peace Prize mostly for not being his predecessor?

A bunch of Bush Administration proxies were stressing that history would judge them best.

Well, the historical viewpoint is beginning, and it's not off to an auspicious start for Bush 43.


Chris said...

It's at an even worse start for Obama. His approval rating has dropped faster then any President in history. He is well on his way to being considered much worse then Bush. And Biden is doing awefull himself. I have a political blog myself. Stop on by sometime.

The Squire said...

I challenge you to prove your first assertion on the president's approval rating, dispute your second assessment (and the grammar contained within), and point out that Biden is not evil incarnate, unlike his predecessor.

Steveandmissy said...

I would argue that both presidents have done their part to bankrupt America and that both their VP's are monstrous d-bags.