Monday, January 14, 2008

Bambenek Implosion Roundup

It might not be the most charitable characteristic of mine, but I really enjoy watching willfully stupid people receive the consequences of their actions. John Bambenek, who decided to make a frivolous complaint against DailyKos to the Michigan AG, received his consequences starting at just before 3pm, when diarist Adam B at DailyKos [who is apparently DailyKos' lawyer - you learn something every day -ed.] posted a takedown of John's arguments for the benefit of his fellow Kossaks. Up until then, John was being schooled in his choices of Federal Case Law to cite by another local blogger, Prairie Biker, but after the diary went up an influx of Kossaks came over to see the stupid that Mr. Bambenek posted, with quite a few leaving comments. At about that time, John went into hiding, and he has not, to my knowledge, posted anything since - other than to repost his original announcement onto his own blog, presumably to fend off the vile nasty Kossaks who are even less nice than I am about pointing out the flaws of his argument.

It has also been brought to my attention that this is not the first time that John has engaged in legal stupidity against DailyKos. The same Adam B emailed me early this morning (sorry, but I usually don't check that email address at work) and linked to commentary on the last stunt Mr. Bambenek pulled - arguing to the FEC that DailyKos was a political entity. This was quite rightly smacked down by the FEC, and though he swore he'd appeal once he was over his hissy-fit he apparently decided not to follow up on it.

Myself, I wonder what, if any, response the Michigan AG's office will have to this sorry mess. My guess is that they'll send John a nice letter that effectively says, "Um, no, what are you smoking?" and that John will refuse to post the letter for all to see.

UPDATE: For those who wish to see the Kossaks pile on John even more, you can do so here.

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