Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For My Michigan Readers

You need to watch this, if only because it will upset John Bambenek:

Best quote: "Catch this guy on the right day and he's Che-frikkin'-Guevara"

Remember, your primary's tomorrow, so go out and vote Mitt!


Anonymous said...

Here is a fun fact on our ethically challenged bambi. State employees cannot engage in political activity on state time. Bambi not only dropped all this crap during work hours but was also on radio. Sounds like we should show him what a legit comlaint looks like and talk to the executive inspector general. :)

The Squire said...

Well, now we know why he complains about reading the material for the annual ethics training - cos it points out to him how he violates state laws.

John Bambenek said...

I was on vacation this week, go ahead and file that complaint though... free money for me.