Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Evolution Education for Everyone

Lauded in both Science and Nature, the National Academy of Sciences recently released the third edition of its booklet aimed at educating the public on Evolution, entitled "Science, Evolution, and Creationism." You can buy it, or you can read it free online. It's twice as long as the last edition, published in 1999, and those extra pages are spent using recent research to illustrate the concepts involved, among other things.

UPDATE: I somehow managed to miss the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences' own glowing review of the booklet. That article also has a link to the results of the Coalition of Scientific Societies' Evolution in Science Education Survey, as well as some reports, presentations, and the like that came from the survey. I've not yet had time to look at those (I don't blog while working and I'm set to leave town for the weekend) but when I get around to it I may write up a review of them if I'm impressed.

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