Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rose Bowl


Thoughts on the game: Yeah, we lost - but then again, I expected us to win 5, maybe 6 games this year, and we went to the frikkin' Rose Bowl. So that's not too shabby. Assuming Zook can keep everyone around, we should do at least as well, if not better, next year.

Thoughts on Halftime: First, why are we still doing the 3-in-1? I mean, it's pathetic enough when everyone yells "Chief" for a mascot that is no longer there, did the Marching Illini have to showcase that to the rest of the nation? Also, why was ABC feeding sound from the on-field cameras during Stairway to Heaven? Having one or two instruments' parts drown out the rest of the band due to poor microphone placement took one of the awesomest pieces of marching band music ever and made it sound really weird. They didn't do the same thing to USC's band, what made ABC think it was a good idea for ours?


Anonymous said...

Hmm. ABC focused on only one instrument at a time with USC's band, too. Nothing like the forlorn honking of a lone tenor sax to make a former trombonist sad.

Oh, and someone should have told USC's drill coordinator that standing in one place and biddly-bopping around doesn't count as "marching".

The Squire said...

I didn't notice it for USC - then again, I'd not heard their halftime show before.

ABC cut out early on USC's show, there may have been some marching in there. Maybe.