Friday, January 11, 2008

The Second America is apparently kicking off a series of articles titled "Behind the Scenes" which, according to the site, is intended to let "CNN Correspondents share their experiences in covering news and analyze the stories behind the events." (I say apparently becuase a Google search of cnn "Behind the Scenes" reveals no other stories in this series.)

Anyhow, this inaugural story is about the side of Palestine that President Bush did not see when he visited the area. While I applaud any depiction of how the average Palestinian is getting the shaft by the current situation, I think that there is a better direction to go with this series: do a Behind the Scenes on the America that Bush never sees. Better yet, do a whole series. They can start with New Orleans, since the city still isn't rebuilt yet. Next would be a focus on the thousands of men and women going back to Iraq for a third tour, followed by a report on how the VA is still trying to skimp on giving soldiers disability benefits. Next they could focus on the stories of some young U.S. Citizens whose illegal immigrant parents were taken from them to provide Lou Dobbs and the GOP with some PR and talking points. Wrapping up the series might be a look at the Urban Poor in Washington D.C., and go places in the White House's back yard that the presidential motorcade never will.

But alas, pointing out still more proof that poor management and trickle-down economics are synergistic in their suckiness would be considered partisan as opposed to real journalism, and the media can't stand being called liberal.

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